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Since 1835, Olis Gasull produces highest quality oils of the arbequine variety.
Each year, one of the best world oils, which are recognized with different awards, comes from their country house in Reus.


Gasull family started working with oil and soaps in 1835. It had warehouses in Reus and les Borges Blanques. In 1911, the founder’s son decided to build a new warehouse on the outskirts of Reus, which was built by Lluís Domènech i Montaner. Although this warehouse is empty, it still exists and can be visited by a previous appointment.
Multinational olive oil companies arrived to Spain in early 70s. Oil layout suffered a gathering process and most of the companies closed. The third generation of Establecimientos Félix Gasull SA retired from the wholesale layout, trying to keep the independence of the company. The results were not as good as they expected so it closed in 2005. Then, the fourth generation created a smaller company, Molí d’oli Gasull SL, where we are working every day to offer you a unique olive oil due to its extraordinary quality and its traditional production.


Diploma of “Great Mention”
Extra Virgin Olive Oil Championship
New York • 2011

“Gold Terra Olivo 2010”
Mediterranean International Olive Oil
Jerusalem • 2010

Selection Tasting Competition
“Top 10”
Mainz • 2010

“Silver Olive 2008”
International Olive Oil Award
Zurich • 2008

XI Concorso Internazionale 

Leone d’oro dei Mastri Oleari
Genova • 2002

International Medal for Quality
Londres • 1987

Premio del Centenario de la República Argentina
Buenos Aires • 1910

International Exhibition
Londres • 1908

Medaglia d’Oro
Genova • 1908

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